LiveBetter delivers a range of flexible support services which promote independence while assisting people with a disability to lead their best life possible and achieve their life goals.  We provide a range of programs, both centre-based and community based as well as flexible self-managed options.  

LiveBetter provides a range of disability services through a number of different programs.  We explore all avenues available so it is possible for you to live your best life.  Funding for these services comes from:

  • Disability Services Program Funding;

  • Your Life Your Choice;

  • Qld Community Care; and

  • Various brokerage arrangements.


When you contact LiveBetter, we will assist you to find the most suitable arrangement for your particular circumstances, including referral to other agencies if necessary.  You will find that our Intake Officers are keen to assist you and will help you through the process.

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LiveBetter Community Services is a not-for-profit community service organisation focused on the unique needs of the people of regional Australia. Your donation will help LiveBetter continue to deliver a range of services to those in need. 

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