All for one and one for all

Perhaps you’ve heard of the NDIS but aren’t exactly sure what it entails? It’s been around for 4 years now since its national rollout, but its impacts are not as well known. In a nutshell it’s the life-changing plan that sees people reach their goals to live their best lives with the support and care they need and deserve, and protects the most vulnerable in our society. In saying this, vulnerable does not mean weak or disadvantaged. We’re speaking up and changing the stigma. The people we work with are some of the strongest we know, overcoming challenges while upholding positive mindsets and not giving up no matter the odds. If you ask us, that’s tough stuff. It’s not easy to ask for help and by nature, the NDIS seeks to assist people by giving them a hand up, not a hand out. It’s empowering, and gives the ability to enable, not disable participants.  “It’s amazing to work with people to reach their goals,” says Tennille, Area Manager for Disability Services at LiveBetter. “We work to have people live as independently as possible, working with not for, assisting not doing. That way, people are enabled to carry out daily independent living skills that aligns with their goals.” Jackson, a LiveBetter customer has experienced this firsthand. Thanks to his support coordinator, Jackson is able to get out and about to enjoy activities he might not have otherwise been able to do without the right help and someone to assist him in organising the details of his NDIS plan. With goals oriented around community participation and building social networks, Jackson’s plan has allowed him to participate in horse riding lessons that have been beneficial for wellbeing socially and mentally, skill-building and increasing quality of life.  On Thursdays, Jackson rides at the Capricorn Equestrian Centre where he meets up with friends and creates new ones. He’s able to get out in the great outdoors, riding through the surrounds of Mount Wheeler (traditionally known as Gai-i), Central Queensland, and learning how to work with the horse he gets to ride, Shilo. 

Attended by his support worker, Jackson is also supported by Madeline of the Capricorn Equestrian Centre who does an excellent job at providing this activity for people with disabilities.  The logistics of engaging in sporting activities with coordinating transport, equipment, additional personal assistance (such as an on-hand physiotherapist for example) and handling the uncertainty of where to begin is all made possible through NDIS planning and funding. “We do what we do to see people reach their own successes,” says Tennille. “With the goal-focused ideals of the NDIS, we’re always looking at what we can do to achieve and what will work best for our customers’ long term plans.” With community access and social network building being two vital components of NDIS goal-planning, the basis of the funding can be seen working towards inclusivity and wellbeing of individuals, which is the bedrock of a functioning, thriving society.  If you know someone who could benefit from a community access plan to see their goals reached and being enabled to live their best life, contact your local LiveBetter NDIS provider on 1800 580 580.