Building Blocks for the Future

Life as we know it has been somewhat on hold for many months now, with many of our favourite activities and get-togethers postponed or cancelled altogether. What does that mean for the vulnerable in our society who rely on support and where regular activities are a necessity? The team at LiveBetter aren’t letting anything stop them, getting back to their weekly Group Hub activities for their clients. Following COVID-safe plans, they are still able to run essential programs aimed at building social and independent living skills for those who need it most. 

With their Back-to-Basics program run on a Wednesday morning, the team works with clients around activities that develop communication, practical living skills and relationship building. A great way that the team has found this to work really well is through guided cooking.

“Food is a great way to bring people together,” Jodi Warby, LiveBetter Support Leader says. “It’s a really simple yet functional way for our clients to interact with each other, as well as learn some great independent living skills that they can further develop at home with their carers.

We make morning tea together on Wednesdays and prepare foods that are achievable to make as well as being affordable, which is great for learning budgeting.”

Jodi has been in the sector for 14 years and has seen the positive impact that these activities have in improving the independence and confidence in working on practical life choices. 

The team facilitates an environment built on clear communication, teamwork and positivity, and has a directed focus on client choice. 

By prioritising the building of relationships and rapport with their clients, as well as fostering a safe environment for them to make meaningful relationships with each other, Jodi says it’s the best foundation to move forward from.

“We have a mix of people living with disability as well as psychosocial trauma,” says Jodi. “Of course we ascertain the dynamics of the group, and because we’ve got to know them really well, we know who will work well together in a group setting.

This is really great for them to engage with each other and build those important social skills. The relationships we build then pave the way for working on other practical aspects such as budgeting and other important day-to-day tasks.”

As well as practical skill learning with cooking, the team also facilitates time for their clients to participate in recreational activities such as games, drawing, or using computers, to further develop and enhance social skills.

“They get the opportunity to do things they enjoy and unwind, which is fun for them and of course also develops the social element,” says Jodi.

NDIS funding enables important continuity of support that sees LiveBetter’s clients gain access to this regular, essential support. If you know someone who could benefit from such services, contact the team at LiveBetter today at 1800 580 580 or