Fun in the Sun

In a time where some of our most basic needs and desires have literally been off-limits, such as spending time together face-to-face, or venturing outside your front door for a much-needed outing (other than shopping for groceries or attending appointments!), it goes to show just how important in-person human connection really is. 

While we are thankful for technology that keeps us connected, we’re even more grateful that we are now able to get out and about in fun ways with our clients again. It has been beautiful to see the people we care for enjoying their favourite activities and outings, and can definitely attest to the importance of varied activity and interconnectedness in our everyday wellbeing and quality of life.

Recently we got to take clients, Justin and Deon on their favourite outings, and to say they had a blast would be an understatement!

Deon was thrilled to be able to once again visit the Giddy Goat cafe with his Support Worker, Kim, and order his favourite cup of tea, followed by a visit to Emu Park beach where they enjoyed walks along the pier and shore. 

The winter weather has been beautiful for us here in Central Queensland, making our outings even better. 

Justin also went down to enjoy the weather at Emu Park beach with his Support Workers Laura and Gail. They shared a picnic at the park and soaked up the rays on the beach. Justin especially loves the open spaces of beaches and parks where he is able to run as far as he wants to. 

Not only do these outings improve quality of life, but also continues to build upon the bond that we have with our clients, creating a trusting environment and further efficacy of our service. Being able to create and share treasured memories builds the solid foundation for relationship that is just so important in what we do, ensuring that we are enabling others to live their best lives - and we love every minute of it.