Getting Back to Activities

Jumping Into It

Aaron has been a customer with LiveBetter for approximately six weeks, where before he

hadn’t had services for quite some time. When Aaron commenced his time with LiveBetter, his mother wanted him to get out into the community as much as possible. With Aaron be

ing sensitive to noise, places to go were limited. Our amazing staff helped Aaron trial different places at different times of day, until they found what worked best for him. Aaron has now found a day and time that he looks forward to, where he can go swimming and enjoy the outdoors in a comfortable environment. Both Aaron and his mother are over-the-moon that he is now able to comfortably get out and about.

Sailing Away

After an 11-month break due to COVID-19 restrictions, LiveBetter customer, Luke, was very excited to get back to his favourite monthly activity; Sailability. Sailability organisations are not-for-profit, volunteer-based, and through the activity of Sailing, enriches the lives of people of all abilities.