Getting hooked on fishing therapy

LiveBetter NDIS customers experienced the therapeutic benefits of fishing on a recent trip to the Causeway Lake on the Capricorn Coast. Lead by LiveBetter support leader, Jodi Warby, the expedition was planned as a therapeutic exercise for the group of five to help with mindfulness and lessen anxiety.

Jodi was excited to try the new activity with the group after researching the health benefits.

“Fishing requires focus and is an activity that allows you to be present in the moment so you can overcome internal challenges and surrender to the experience.”

Living in the now is a very important part of mindfulness, as it reduces stress and anxiety. As Jodi points out;

“Getting the catch is an absolute bonus, but the real reward is having the time to appreciate the now and disconnect from our busy, relentlessly paced days”

LiveBetter enables our customers to access activities such as fishing, which can often be hard or near impossible to experience. With the support and funding from the NDIS, LiveBetter can make a popular pastime for many Australians just as easy and enjoyable for our customers.

The NDIS helps individuals to participate in recreational activities that help to redefine motor skills while also helping to discover a new hobby to enjoy in your local community. The NDIS is focused on making sure everyone has the same opportunities, removing this barrier that might otherwise restrict participants. With the funding from the NDIS, activities such as fishing are available to our customers to enrich their quality of life.

Fishing as a recreational activity has many other benefits including; improving concentration and patience, increasing self-esteem and resilience, helping to build relationships and also is a great source of physical exercise.

If your looking for a healthy escape from stress, depression and anxiety grab a rod and head to your nearest lake or river. You may catch feelings for a better way of living.

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