Heartwarming memories made amidst isolation

A gesture of kindness from LiveBetter’s client services gave Rockhampton resident Pearl Crosby memories to last a lifetime, as a simple trip to the beach became an emotional, heartfelt outing.

Wendy Baker and Laura Yu, Pearl’s coordinator and home care worker, discovered that Pearl had not been to the beach in 20 years so they made every effort to change that fact and include more outings in Pearl’s home care package plan. 

“Looking out at the waves I could feel the tears coming as it had been so long,” says Pearl. “Wendy and Laura have made me so very happy.” 

“When we discovered that Pearl had not been to the beach in all those years, we knew we had to do something about it,” says Wendy. 

“It’s so important for us to be able to help our clients achieve good quality of life. We’re looking forward to taking Pearl and our other clients out for more events, especially as restrictions are easing and we can go out and enjoy different activities again.”

In a time where face-to-face interaction and proper connection has been restricted, the assistance provided by services such as LiveBetter are so important now more than ever. 

Previously known as Excelcare formed in 1993, LiveBetter Community Services formed in 2017 and have been servicing the community of Rockhampton and surrounds to provide assistance across lifestyle, disability, mental health, aged care and youth support services. Now operating in over 40 regions across Queensland and New South Wales, LiveBetter are also a registered NDIS provider, existing to “enable people of regional Australia to live their best lives”.

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