How a cup of coffee can change the world

We’ve heard the saying ‘no man is an island’. For Jennifer and Evelyn, a cup of coffee changed their lives for the better. Thanks to NDIS allowing Community Access, Jennifer and Evelyn got to know each other through LiveBetter Support Workers, Sharron and Sandra. Now every Saturday morning they meet up at The Two Sisters Coffee Shop in Cooee Bay for lovely service, yummy coffee, chai lattes and lemon slice. 

Community participation is such a vital part of NDIS funding which makes it possible for people living with disability to have ease-of-access to support and care, which in turn creates wellbeing and better quality of life. Things that a lot of us can often take for granted such as shopping, playing sport, hobby activities, visiting a library or just taking time out to visit a café can mean a whole world of difference to even just one person on NDIS. 

It’s also the great way the whole community benefits from Community Access programs. Inclusion and equality reflects and creates a strong, healthy and diverse society and also breaks down stereotypes and stigma. As we continue to learn from one another, and with services that allow for people to be a part of the community and participate in society both socially and economically, we can all be better for it.  

The friendship that Jennifer and Evelyn have now formed thanks to their Support Workers, Sharron and Sandra, has given them a social outlet and moment each week for social engagement and more importantly - a valuable, meaningful connection that fosters interpersonal, relational support that’s so important for wellbeing.   

With the added support of transport from their Support Workers, Jennifer and Evelyn are able to get out to the beach without the hassle of trying to organise and pay for taxis and transport, which can often be too difficult for outings to be possible at all. 

As we continue to build relationships with our clients and see them able to live their best lives, there’s no stopping us from what we do here at LiveBetter - changing the world one life at a time.

If you’re interested in learning more about Community Access programs in your area call 1800 580 580.