Jackson's Favourite Activities

LiveBetter customer, Jackson, is a big fan of the outdoors. He participates in activities throughout the week and some of his favourites include horse riding and fishing.

Jackson has been participating in horse riding since he was eleven. Last week, he lead the way on a horse named Beasley at Capricorn Equestrian Centre. After they finished, Jackson helped wash Beasley down and brush him. Jackson takes his own saddle and bridle along, also owns his own horse named Monte. Every Thursday, Jackson participates on trail rides and it has become on of his favourite activities.

Jackson also loves to go fishing in his spare time. Like horse riding, Jackson has been fishing since his was a kid. We asked Jackson a few questions about why he loves fishing:

Why do you love fishing so much?

“Because fishing is in my blood. ”

What’s the best part about fishing?

“When I get lucky!”

What’s your favourite fishing spot?

“Jackson’s Wharf.”

How long have you been fishing?

“Since I was a kid.”

Who’s your favourite fishing partner?


What’s your favourite fish to eat?

“Mangrove Jack.”

What’s the biggest fish you’ve ever caught?

“58 centimetre Barra.”