Volunteer Diaries - Ken's Story

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Volunteer Ken Jones Jnr shares his story with us:

I was born in Yeppoon. I completed Sub-Junior and Junior at Yeppoon High School top, the first class in Yeppoon that didn’t have to travel to Rockhampton. The high school top was located at Yeppoon Primary School. My father, Ken Jones Senior, was a professional fisherman who fished Mackeral from the waters of Yeppoon to Townsville. He left Yeppoon each year around June and returned to Yeppoon before Christmas.

Ken Jones Snr played Harmonica and Button Accordion which I also play. Alma Jones, my mother, was a dress maker. I was her dummy. I would stand on a chair while she pinned dresses around me before sewing them. She started the first kindergarten at the CWA hall in Yeppoon. She also conducted adult education classes in Pottery and Painting and was involved in the founding of the Capricorn Society of Arts, and the Beach Potters.

I started to learn guitar when I worked for the PMG Department as a Postal Clerk Relief in far North Queensland based in Cairns, and as a result I spent a lot of time living in Hotels where I had a lot of free time. I got serious about learning guitar around 21 years ago when I purchased my Maton Guitar. Prior to that I played a Yamaha Acoustic Guitar which I have owned for over 50 years. I also have a Martin Guitar which I have owned for 10 years. I play all three guitars regularly. I average around 15 gigs a month.

Having played the Harmonica all my life I decided to experiment with playing guitar and harmonica together. I designed the harmonica holder which I currently use.

Ken supports our Respite Centre each month. He brings his music and sense of humour along to entertain our customers. We enjoy his visits and attempt to sing along while using our percussion instruments.

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