We partied with Nitro Circus

On Saturday, April 29 a group of 11 participants and 4 staff attended the Nitro Circus event in Rockhampton, This is the first time that our group has attended an event of this magnitude. I am pleased to say that the activity was a great success.

As a team we have worked together completing the relevant risk assessments to ensure success. One of our strategies was to wait until the crowd had dispersed before attempting to leave the grounds and this has paid off in an unexpected way. Our group was approached by one of the riders – Harry Bink and he happily posed for photographs with our participants and then requested that he have a photograph of the group. Our group has been mentioned on Harry’s Instagram page “I was lucky enough to meet an awesome bunch of people after tonight’s show in Rockhampton! This was the first event this disable group had ever been to! The energy these guys had was awesome and made my day!!!!Yewwww@nitrocircus.” There is also a photograph of our group on the page.

I spoke to some of our participants afterwards and they were all still very excited. One participant stated that she needed to complain about a staff member, stating that the staff member should not be able to work with the group anymore because she has too much fun at work.

Please join me in congratulating our staff, Sandie Brinkley, Jasmin Griese, Anita Kime and Scott Maclean for assisting to facilitate this experience and providing support for our participants to engage in an ordinary activity.

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